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Coaching & Mentorship

After 10 years of on field experience, I've started to coach and mentor on product design, management and leadership. Interested ? Contact me at

Individual Coaching

I support and empower talents through individual coaching on:


Design Leadership Management

Design Career Development

Design at Scale

Women Leadership

Depending on availabilities

Pricing: 200€/Coaching hour

(excluding taxes)


I'm currently Mentor for  The Design Crew. 

I can provide Product Design, Design Management and Leadership courses or masterclass depending on my availabilities.​ 

Want to collaborate? You can contact me at:

Pricing depending on the context

Talks & Events

I can share experience, best practices and methodologies through talks, conferences or any product, tech and design events, public or private.
I do it free by default for free public events, events supporting Diversity and Inclusion, free public schools.
For private or paid events, contact me for collaboration details.

Pricing depending on the context

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