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Hi, I'm
a Mendes
Product & Service Designer
Diversity & Inclusion believer 🌈✊✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

Hey there, bienvenue ;)

I’m also feminist with an intersectional point of view. I'm convinced that all humans should be equal in rights and that diversity and inclusion are absolutely key in Tech cause today technologies are shaping the world of tomorrow. 

So on my free time I contribute at my own level to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace through mentoring, coaching, events, or internal communications.

About design

When I find the time to, I write about design.

You can check all my articles on Medium

They worked with me

“Lea is one of the finest Design leader in the French Tech and a great Diversity evangelist at that.


During our time at Everoad, Lea & I have been partnering really closely to design & build magical experiences for both Carriers and Shippers across Europe. I have truly enjoyed our collaboration and Lea's unique perspective on how to build sustainable, scalable and user-centric solutions. Our most successful features are mostly based off her work and our Product Designers have learnt so much from her that I am super confident we will be able to continue working using the same methodologies that she has laid out.


I have also been extremely grateful of her cross-functional impact ranging from producing a career path for our Design function, working on elevating our bi-annual Development sessions and of course her relentless desire for more Diversity. She is a true advocate for Inclusion and she makes sure that every voice counts. In that, she is a true builder of modern organizations and I'm sure she will be extremely successful in her future leadership roles, be it in Design or other functions."



Benjamin Chino

CPO @Everoad

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