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Hi, I'm

Léa Mendes

Designer / Speaker / Feminist 

Working on building human centric services

Diversity & Inclusion believer 🌈✊✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

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Hey there, bienvenue ;)

I am Léa, product designer based in Paris, France. 


I’m currently VP Design at Payfit, an ambitious start up, where I work on simplifying Payroll and HR management through technology. By the way, I'm hiring, so if you are designer (product, UX, UI, brand) or user researcher, and wish to join a fantastic company in Paris, contact me.




I have the chance to do a job that fascinates me, so I talk about it sometimes.  

I’m also feminist*, with the conviction that all humans should be equal in rights. So on my free time, I organize events or collaborate on initiatives such as mentoring for Hexagon UX to support diversity in Tech.

Cause today technologies are shaping the world of tomorrow. 

*Feminism: The radical notion that women and any LGBTQI+ are people. Theory of the absolute necessity of political, economic, and social rights equality for all.

About design

When I find the time to, I write about design.

You can check all my articles on Medium

They worked with me

“Lea is one of the finest Design leader in the French Tech and a great Diversity evangelist at that.


During our time at Everoad, Lea & I have been partnering really closely to design & build magical experiences for both Carriers and Shippers across Europe. I have truly enjoyed our collaboration and Lea's unique perspective on how to build sustainable, scalable and user-centric solutions. Our most successful features are mostly based off her work and our Product Designers have learnt so much from her that I am super confident we will be able to continue working using the same methodologies that she has laid out.


I have also been extremely grateful of her cross-functional impact ranging from producing a career path for our Design function, working on elevating our bi-annual Development sessions and of course her relentless desire for more Diversity. She is a true advocate for Inclusion and she makes sure that every voice counts. In that, she is a true builder of modern organizations and I'm sure she will be extremely successful in her future leadership roles, be it in Design or other functions."



Benjamin Chino

CPO @Everoad

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